EasyWhipTM is a patent-pending surgical suturing needle intended to be used for whip stitching in orthopedic reconstruction procedures. It consists of a two-part, removably connected needle attached to the ends of a length of non- degradable orthopedic suture. This novel construct allows the user to create a whip stitch with a single incision while securely clamping the graft on both ends, which improves the stability, speed, and efficiency of graft stitching.

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The novel two-part needle is designed to make whip stitching in orthopedic reconstruction surgeries, like ACL and rotator cuff repairs, easier and faster.

EasyWhipTM In Action

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EasyWhipTM Value Proposition

Ease of Use

EasyWhipTM allows the user to securely clamp the graft on both ends and create a single-incision, bilateral whip stitch


A single user can perform the whip stitching step without assistance using EasyWhipTM


Whip stitching can be completed quickly using EasyWhipTM


EasyWhipTM creates a single-incision bilateral whip stitch, which means that the user can stitch both sides of the graft simultaneously with a single needle pass


EasyWhipTM is capable of creating strong whip stitches as well as hybrid locking stitches


EasyWhipTM allows the graft to be clamped securely on both ends, reducing motion and variability during stitching


EasyWhipTM can be used to place whip stitches using the EasyWhipTM method or the Loop method. It can also be used to create custom stitch patterns.