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Developing simple tools for overlooked areas in surgery.


Winter Innovations was co-founded by two young, passionate entrepreneurs, Lia Winter and Preston Dishner. After watching her mother’s long surgical recovery and personal experiences undergoing treatments as an athlete, Lia realized there was an opportunity to improve outcomes for patients.

Lia started developing the idea for a new stitching solution during her undergraduate studies. In graduate school, Lia teamed up with her co-founder, Preston Dishner, to formally start the company in 2019. Since then, Lia and Preston have become nationally recognized innovators and entrepreneurs. They have won dozens of pitch competitions, earned government grant funding, raised investment capital, and participated in several national accelerator programs.

Winter Innovations is extremely grateful to be supported by universities, entrepreneurial ecosystems, mentors, investors, surgeons, and industry experts who generously teach and offer guidance.


To all of those who stand by us, thank you!

Leadership Team

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Founder & CEO

Lia Winter

Lia is an innovator, engineer, and athlete. She delights in identifying complex problems and creating the simplest, most efficient solutions to improve lives. Lia’s range of experience in academic research, engineering, orthopedics R&D, and business give her a unique perspective on developing innovative medical solutions.

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Co-Founder & COO

Preston Dishner

Preston is a third-generation entrepreneur. He is passionate about elevating those around him and is determined to accelerate the trajectory of entrepreneurism. Preston’s diverse skillset stems from experience in supply chain optimization, procurement strategies, and business analytics in healthcare as well as other industries.

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Clinical Advisors

Orthopedic Surgeon,
Pittsburgh Steelers


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Top 10 Innovations in Podiatry Today - Winter Innovations

Accelerator Programs

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